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  • The perfect gift for a Sheffield Wednesday fan. The home ground of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, one of the oldest football clubs in England. Built in 1899, Hillsborough Stadium has a capacity of over 39,000 spectators when open to full capacity and is known for its distinctive and imposing stands. The stadium gained significant international attention and unfortunately became synonymous with tragedy after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, when 96 Liverpool FC fans lost their lives during an FA Cup semi-final match. The incident led to substantial changes in stadium safety regulations and remains a significant event in British football history. Despite the tragic events, Hillsborough Stadium remains an important landmark in English football, hosting various matches and events over the years.


    Hillsborough is available in either a black or white frame.


    SKU: 033
    Frame Colour
    • Layer laser cut birch plywood in a deep square box frame.

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